The US Open 2020 the shine of top golfers in the world (Part 2)

Rory McIlroy Age: 31 World ranking: 4 Times attended the US Open: 11 times Champion in 2011 Similar to the Tiger Woods case, the Northern Irish golfer was once the most impressive name in early 2020 but unexpectedly declined inform when the PGA Tour returned in mid-June. Rory McIlroy would enter the US Open as […]

Learn about the history of the US Open golf tournament

The US Open is held in many different courses with the criterion of heavy difficulty, so normally even the best golfers in the top group only achieve results around the benchmark. Play-off mode The US Open is the only tournament in the four major tournaments to have a full 18-hole playoff round on Monday if […]

Learn about the history of the US Open golf tournament

The first US Open took place on October 4, 1895, at the Newport Country Club 9-hole golf course (Newport, Rhode Island). Golfers play 4 rounds, 36 holes in total in a day. Participating in the competition were 10 professional players and an amateur. That year’s champion was 21-year-old British golfer Horace Rawlins. The US Open […]

8 interesting facts you may not know about the US Open golf tournament (Part 2)

5. The fifth fact Alex Smith is a person who has scored a record score in the US tournament 1906 with an astonishing total score, -33 strokes. How did he do that? It’s simple since the 1906 event counts a standard par of 82 strokes. Interestingly, his younger brother Willie Smith was in second place […]