Stay up to date with top golf tournaments around the world (Part 2)

4. Open Championship (British Open) The Open Championship, more commonly known as the British Open, is the oldest golf tournament in the world and one of the most prestigious. Founded in 1860, it was originally held annually at the Prestwick Golf Club, Scotland, and later linked and organized in the beautiful coastline golf courses in […]

Stay up to date with top golf tournaments around the world (Part 1)

In golf, special competitive events are an opportunity to show off your skills after long practice sessions. The large scale golf tournaments around the world attract the participation of many professional golfers and are also an opportunity for the audience to witness the players’ amazing technique. Let us update information about the top golf tournaments […]

The US Open 2020 the shine of top golfers in the world (Part 1)

The US Open 2020 is a tournament that has been affected by the pandemic. The organizer had to delay the schedule, unable to organize the qualifying competition. Participants were determined based on a specialization list. The 120th US Open competition will take place at Winged Foot This season lacks some names. Brooks Koepka was unable […]

Top 5 highest-earning golfers in the history of The Masters

There have been 84 Masters Tournaments held at the Augusta National golf course. The first The Masters tournament was held in 1934 and the championship went to Horton Smith, who pocketed $ 1,500 for his historic victory. In 2020, Dustin Johnson made $ 2,070 after winning the Green Jacket during his competitive career. Tiger Woods […]

The most prestigious golf tournaments in the USA nowadays (Part 1)

If you are interested in golf, you will surely be interested in at least one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the USA. The tournaments ranked in the top are all large-scale golf tournaments, the gathering place of famous golfers in the world and having a great reputation for a long time. Let’s find […]

Tyrell Hatton aims to win The Masters 2020

People intellectual British golfer Tyrell Hatton aims to win the top spot in The Masters 2020 tournament to end a glorious year after having previously won two prestigious championships this year. Tyrrell Hatton is preparing carefully for The Masters 2020 tournament to end a successful year. The British golfer won the Arnold Palmer Invitational championship […]

Why America is always the dream destination of young golfers?

What makes the United States always the dream destination for those who love and want to go further on professional golf? We’ll explore the answers in the article below. Most of the world golf legends have grown up from the NCAA Although not a golf-producing country, the United States has long been the number one […]

Learn about the history of the US Open golf tournament

The US Open is held in many different courses with the criterion of heavy difficulty, so normally even the best golfers in the top group only achieve results around the benchmark. Play-off mode The US Open is the only tournament in the four major tournaments to have a full 18-hole playoff round on Monday if […]