The first US Open took place on October 4, 1895, at the Newport Country Club 9-hole golf course (Newport, Rhode Island). Golfers play 4 rounds, 36 holes in total in a day. Participating in the competition were 10 professional players and an amateur. That year’s champion was 21-year-old British golfer Horace Rawlins.

The US Open stadiums are mostly long, the rough is tall, the fairway is narrow and the green grass is cut short to make the ball roll very quickly.

The British then regularly won the championship, and it was not until 1911 that the first American golfer – John McDermott – came first. Since then the host country started to dominate the table of awards.

Since 1950, only golfers from six countries outside the US have won the championship. Most of them are South Africa, 5 times since 1965. The longest series of days without a single American champion lasted from 2004 to 2007. In 2010, Graeme McDowell (Northern Ireland) was the first European golfer. since the time of Tony Jacklin in 1970 to win the championship.

Up to now, there have been golfers from 10 countries winning the US Open’s championship positions, including USA (80), Scottland (13), UK (6), South Africa (5), Jersey (2), Australia (2), Northern Ireland (2), New Zealand (1), Argentina (1).

There have been golfers from 10 countries winning the US Open’s championship positions

Competition participants

The arena consists of 156 golfers of two categories including specialties and qualifying rounds.


Anyone, regardless of career or age, can participate in the qualifying round to win a spot at the US Open. The first round is an 18-hole competition on more than 100 golf courses across the United States.

The winner will follow the 36-hole golf field in the second round to win a limited number of slots at the prestigious tournament. The qualifiers are also held at one location in Europe and one location in Japan.

Above are the basic things to know about the history of the US Open golf tournament.