Professional Golfer Alexander Hughes on August 27 hit 55 strokes, reaching a record 18 holes in the Guinness Book of Records for the past eight years.

At South Lakes Country Club par71, 6,413 yards long in Oklahoma State, Hughes saved 16 strokes from the standard (score -16). Before Hughes, the world’s best golf record saw a score of 55 in 2012, when Australian golfer Rhein Gibson entered the Guinness Book with 55 strokes at the River Oaks Golf Club, also in Oklahoma.

The progress to set the new record

He started from hole 1. After par. Hughes then closed the first half of the round with a 7.6-meter putt to a 9 par5, 539-yard eagle.

In the second half, he birdies holes 10 and 12, escaped in holes 11, par4. At this hole, he almost played OB (off the line of the field line).

On the second shot, the ball is close to the fence and Hughes is right-handed. Therefore, he had to turn the tip of his ninth iron upside down to swing his left hand. On the green, this golfer putts six meters to hold par.

After clearing holes 13 and 14, Hughes swept the ball 10.6 meters to get his second eagle in hole 15. He then closed the round of 55 with a birdie string in the remaining three holes. In hole 18, he almost got 54 strokes but the chip of his eagle sword slipped narrowly.

This year, Hughes won three prizes in the small All-Pro Golf Tour system but never cut out. Therefore, the transcripts on August 27 to Guinness will be mental doping for him.

The 55-stroke holder against Hughes, Rhein Gibson attended the 2015-2016 PGA Tour but later failed to keep his membership card. He is looking to gain promotion through the Second Class Korn Ferry Tour.