5. The fifth fact

Alex Smith is a person who has scored a record score in the US tournament 1906 with an astonishing total score, -33 strokes. How did he do that?

Alex Smith is a person who has scored a record score in the US tournament 1906

It’s simple since the 1906 event counts a standard par of 82 strokes. Interestingly, his younger brother Willie Smith was in second place again and his brother-in-law James Maiden finished third that year.

6. The sixth fact

There have been 44 HIO shots recorded in US Open history. The first HIO score was made in 1907 when Jack Hoben’s scored an ace in hole 10, 147 yards long on the Philadephia. Most recently, Webb Simpson – former US champion. Open 2012 scored an HIO in hole 9, 172 yards long at Pinehurst in 2014.

7. The seventh fact

Phil Mickelson is not the only big name ever to win at the US Open to complete the Gland Slam title. Another big name, Sam Snead, who won a major 7 times but has never owned the US.Open cup. During his playing career, he set a sad record in the US Open, four times in a row in second place.

8. The eighth fact

Long-distance golf holes are not the only phenomenon of recent years. Historically, the 1912 US golf tounament. The tournament that took place at the Country Club of Buffalo golf course had the longest golf hole, 606 yards (hole number 10, par6).

John McDermott was the man who successfully defended the championship that year after becoming the first American to win it in 1911 with an overall score of -6.

The record numbers in the US Open golf tournament

Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus are holding the record for the number of US Open championships (4 times).

Hale Irwin is the oldest person ever to be crowned in the tournament at the age of 45 and 15 days (1990), while the youngest is John McDermott at 19, 10 months, and 14 days (1911).

Above are interesting facts you may not know about the US Open golf tournament.