The US Open is usually held in different locations with the criterion of putting difficulty first. However, the golf courses of this golf tournament are long, the rough grass is high, the fairway is quite narrow and the green grass is cut short to make the ball roll very quickly. Because of its difficulty, even the top players get results around the benchmarks.

Instead of choosing to play-off on the last Sunday such as The Masters, British Open, PGA Championship, the US Open chooses to play the 18-hole playoff on Monday if, after the last round on Sunday, the players have equal scores.

Becoming a venue for this golf tournament is an extremely good opportunity to promote it widely, so many golf courses have suggested hosting and are ready to repair to meet the requirements of the organizers.

PGA Championship

The tournament that the article wants to mention next in the top of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world and also the last major tournament of the golf village in the world – the PGA Championship. This is an annual tournament organized by the American Professional Golf Association.

The purpose of the PGA Championship was to create a playground for professional golfers

The original purpose of the PGA Championship was to create a playground for professional golfers at a time when they were underestimated in their path. This is the only major tournament that does not invite top amateurs to compete.

Only if a player is at the top 100 in the world or above or has won a prize in the PGA system before can participate in this tournament. PGA Championship awards amount to 8 million USD and second only to The Masters. Besides, this tournament is also seen as a stepping stone for the advancement of the career if winning here.

The Champion will win the privilege of participating in the remaining major golf tournaments over the next five years, in addition to being exempt from qualifying at all subsequent PGA Championship tournaments.