Learn about the history of the US Open golf tournament

The first US Open took place on October 4, 1895, at the Newport Country Club 9-hole golf course (Newport, Rhode Island). Golfers play 4 rounds, 36 holes in total in a day. Participating in the competition were 10 professional players and an amateur. That year’s champion was 21-year-old British golfer Horace Rawlins.

The US Open stadiums are mostly long, the rough is tall, the fairway is narrow and the green grass is cut short to make the ball roll very quickly.

The British then regularly won the championship, and it was not until 1911 that the first American golfer – John McDermott – came first. Since then the host country started to dominate the table of awards.

Since 1950, only golfers from six countries outside the US have won the championship. Most of them are South Africa, 5 times since 1965. The longest series of days without a single American champion lasted from 2004 to 2007. In 2010, Graeme McDowell (Northern Ireland) was the first European golfer. since the time of Tony Jacklin in 1970 to win the championship.

Up to now, there have been golfers from 10 countries winning the US Open’s championship positions, including USA (80), Scottland (13), UK (6), South Africa (5), Jersey (2), Australia (2), Northern Ireland (2), New Zealand (1), Argentina (1).

There have been golfers from 10 countries winning the US Open’s championship positions

Competition participants

The arena consists of 156 golfers of two categories including specialties and qualifying rounds.


Anyone, regardless of career or age, can participate in the qualifying round to win a spot at the US Open. The first round is an 18-hole competition on more than 100 golf courses across the United States.

The winner will follow the 36-hole golf field in the second round to win a limited number of slots at the prestigious tournament. The qualifiers are also held at one location in Europe and one location in Japan.

Above are the basic things to know about the history of the US Open golf tournament.

8 interesting facts you may not know about the US Open golf tournament (Part 2)

5. The fifth fact

Alex Smith is a person who has scored a record score in the US tournament 1906 with an astonishing total score, -33 strokes. How did he do that?

Alex Smith is a person who has scored a record score in the US tournament 1906

It’s simple since the 1906 event counts a standard par of 82 strokes. Interestingly, his younger brother Willie Smith was in second place again and his brother-in-law James Maiden finished third that year.

6. The sixth fact

There have been 44 HIO shots recorded in US Open history. The first HIO score was made in 1907 when Jack Hoben’s scored an ace in hole 10, 147 yards long on the Philadephia. Most recently, Webb Simpson – former US champion. Open 2012 scored an HIO in hole 9, 172 yards long at Pinehurst in 2014.

7. The seventh fact

Phil Mickelson is not the only big name ever to win at the US Open to complete the Gland Slam title. Another big name, Sam Snead, who won a major 7 times but has never owned the US.Open cup. During his playing career, he set a sad record in the US Open, four times in a row in second place.

8. The eighth fact

Long-distance golf holes are not the only phenomenon of recent years. Historically, the 1912 US golf tounament. The tournament that took place at the Country Club of Buffalo golf course had the longest golf hole, 606 yards (hole number 10, par6).

John McDermott was the man who successfully defended the championship that year after becoming the first American to win it in 1911 with an overall score of -6.

The record numbers in the US Open golf tournament

Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus are holding the record for the number of US Open championships (4 times).

Hale Irwin is the oldest person ever to be crowned in the tournament at the age of 45 and 15 days (1990), while the youngest is John McDermott at 19, 10 months, and 14 days (1911).

Above are interesting facts you may not know about the US Open golf tournament.

8 interesting facts you may not know about the US Open golf tournament (Part 1)

The US Open Championship is the second of the four major tournaments in the golf industry, and is on the official schedule of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

The tournament is organized by the American Golf Association (USGA) in mid-June every year. Being the home ground of the US Open is a great honor, so many courts would like to host this important golf tournament.

In this article, let’s explore the 8 interesting facts you may not know about the US Open golf tournament.

1. The first fact

If you are wondering how difficult it is to play golf in the US Open, just compare it with the performance of Tiger Woods, who has won the US Open three times. Woods’ average score at the PGA Tour is 68.9 but in the US Open alone, his average score is 71.7

2. The second fact

The first US Open took place one day only on October 4, 1895, at the Newport Golf Club on Rhode Island. There are 10 professional athletes and 1 amateur golfer participating in the competition across 36 holes.

The first US Open took place one day only on October 4, 1895

The first US Open champion was the English golfer Horace Rawlins, with a score of 91 and 82, two strokes compared to the Scottish runner-up, Willie Dunn.

3. The third fact

John McDermott was the first American golfer to win in the US Open after defeating two compatriots Mike Brady and George Simpson at the Chicago Golf Club in 1911. Also since then, the Americans have been successive owners of this prestigious Cup.

4. The fourth fact

Dustin Johnson will become the seventh golfer to successfully defend the championship if this year he continues to win in the US Open. Curtis Strange was the most recent to do this, as he won the championship title in 1988 and 1989. Only one golfer has won in three consecutive US Open (1903, 1904, 1905) was Scottish golfer Willie Anderson.

Things to know about the US Open golf tournament

The US Open Championship is the second of the four major tournaments in the golf industry and is on the official schedule of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

The tournament is organized by the American Golf Association (USGA) in mid-June each year. The US Open is held in many different courses with the criterion of heavy difficulty, so usually, even the best golfers in the top group only achieve results around the benchmark.

The US Open stadiums are mostly long, the rough is tall, the fairway is narrow and the green grass is cut short to make the ball roll very quickly. Being the home ground of the US Open is a great honor, so many courts would like to host and accept “major surgery” to meet the criteria of the tournament.

The US Open Championship is the second of the four major tournaments

The US Open golf tournament was held for the first time at Newport Country Club (Rhode Island) golf course on October 4, 1895. This large tournament is quite special in terms of the venue for the tournament, each year being held at different golf courses around the US.

The selection of a golf course to organize the tournament is very strict, almost the course is long, the rough grass is high, the fairway is narrow and the grass on the green is shortened so the ball rolls very quickly, giving players new challenges difficult to conquer.

Play-off mode

The US Open is the only tournament of the four major tournaments to have an 18-hole playoff round on Monday if after the fourth round on Sunday the top golfers have equal scores. The other three major tournaments, Masters, British Open, and PGA Championship, all chose the play-off solution on Sunday.

If after the first extra round there is still an indiscriminate match, the golfers will play the play-off with the rule of “sudden death”. Historically, the US Open has three times this happened. The most recent time, in 2008, Tiger Wood beat Rocco Mediate in the first extra hole. The remaining two times were 1990 and 1994.

Before the “sudden death” law came into being in the 1950s, in the case of a score after 5 rounds (4 main rounds and one extra round) golfers would play 18 holes like in 1925, 1939, and 1946. Even more, lice, if they still have not finished, they will play 2 more rounds (36 holes total) as in 1931.

The golf tournament that broke the record of views on American television

Surpassing even the best-selling videos of the Corona quarantine season, the fundraising golf match is reported live among the world’s top golfers such as Tiger Woods, Peyton Maning, Phil Mickelson, and Tom Brady have set a record of views on American television, which were more than 5.8 million views.

According to Turner Sports, this is the largest audience watching the Golf narrative in American cable television history. After appearing on 4 US domestic television channels and 1 international TV channel – CNN International, the video reached the highest record of 6.3 million views between 5:45 and 6. : 00 pm.

The golfers made $ 20 million from the golf tournament

Record spectators climbed to a record during Tiger Woods and Manning’s victories after tough weather: heavy rains hit the game – and raised $ 20 million for attempts to repel Corona. ESPN also announced that the golf tournament reporting program also achieved high views through both channels: ESPN and ESPN2.

The golfers made $ 20 million from the golf tournament

Along with the number of views surpassing the documentary video “The last dance” – the last-minute hits of basketball legend Michael Jordan is temporarily holding the No. 1 position in terms of views. The view of the golf match is understandable because of the urgency and significance of this period for the United States and for Europe.

During this time, American TV channels did not lack the appearance of famous professional golfers such as former world No. 1 golfer Thomas or NFL legend and the programs of famous commentators. However, the Tiger Woods and his friends’ philanthropic golf event narrated by other shows to hit a record number of views during the Corona quarantine season.

Golfers competing in extremely difficult weather

The total proceeds from the tournament amounted to 20 million dollars. Four legends in the match make a great mark. As a team of superheroes fighting under unbelievably dire weather.

Golfers competing in extremely difficult weather

Currently, a number of fundraising golf tournaments for the prevention of the Corona pandemic are facilitated by the authorities, provided that there is no audience. The PGA Tour has been delayed for another 2 months during the quarantine process. And the schedule continues to postpone until 11/06 this year for locations in Texas, USA.

Stewart Cink won the Safeway Open at the PGA Tour

The 47-year-old American golfer Stewart Cink won the championship with a score of -21, ending the title thirst for more than 10 years at the PGA Tour on September 13.

Cink lifted the Safeway Open Championship on September 13

In the finishing leg, Cink starts from hole one of North yard, par72 of Silverado Resort & Spa. At the start, he was two strokes below the top of Group T1 at -16 by Brian Stuard, James Hahn, and Cameron Percy.

But Cink quickly reached the top position of the delegation thanks to four birdies in the first half of the round. In contrast, Percy ran out of the competition because he continuously “collapsed” with double bogeys in hole 4 and hole 5 with a bogey in hole 6. Hahn had three bogeys in the first six holes and could not hold back. And Stuard +1 is after eight holes and is always lagging throughout the rest.

Then after the birdie in hole 11 and the six-meter dribble to collect the birdie from the green edge of hole 15, Cink took the advantage of leading two strokes. Next, the golfer played the PGA Tour from 1997 through the last three holes with birdie-bogey-birdie respectively.

All round, he collected eight birdies on his 65-stroke scorecard, averaging 324 yards with 78 percent accuracy and a standard 72 percent green rate. And thanks to its high performance in short-range treatments, Cink 10 times uses a pin putt, successfully keeping par in two bunkers.

Cink went professional in 1995 and won six PGA Tour titles, including the major The Open Championship 2009. This year, he beat Tom Watson after four extra holes. But since then, Cink entered a recession. In 2016, he hanged a stick for a while to take care of his wife, Lisa, who developed cancer.

In the last PGA Tour season, Cink was only once in the top 10 in the final 14 tournaments, so he was unable to attend a series of three playoff events to determine FedEx Cup. That achievement puts him in a new season with a conditional membership card.

Then the Safeway Open returned to him just as Cink thought about the possibility of never adding a title to the PGA Tour. After this tournament, U-50 players can comfortably fight until the end of 2023, with tickets to major events in 2021 such as The Players Championship, major Masters, and PGA Championship.

The US quenches its thirst for trophies at Valderrama

John Catlin won the Andalucia Masters of the European Tour, ending 21 years of trophy-thirsty American golfers on the par71 pitch that hosted the 1997 Ryder Cup.

Catlin, born in 1990, won the Andalucia Masters in Valderrama with +2 on September 6. This is the first time a European Tour event has recorded an “over par” champion since the 2016 Spanish Open at the same venue.

Catlin grew up in Sacramento, California. He won four titles in the Asian Tour and was only played part-time in the European Tour.

Before Catlin, the closest American golfer to win this Valderamara golf course was Tiger Woods in 1999. At that time, “Super Tiger” was crowned American Express Championship in the World Golf Championship group. Woods defeats Miguel Angel Jimenez in the side hole, taking a million dollars in a $5 million prize fund.

The final round of the Andalucia Masters

In the final round of the Andalucia Masters, Catlin cleared the birdies in the 75-club scorecard but still won with a difference of a stick against 37-year-old heavyweight candidate Martin Kaymer – the owner of two major in three PGA Tour titles and 11 European Tour trophies.

Before the coronation, Catlin and Kaymer competed for the second half of the round. The German Golfer had two chances to collect birdies within three meters of holes 16 and 17 to get ahead of his opponents, but he missed both times.

Last week, Kaymer also finished second in the UK Championship of the European men’s arena at The Belfry – the former Ryder Cup battlefield.

For the past six weeks, Catlin has been fighting a series of six European Tour events that are zoned across the UK. But after the first three unsuccessful turns, he was eliminated in the English Championship from August 6-9 for leaving the property to have dinner with a caddy.

The following week, he returned to play and finished T6 at the Celtic Classic and then out of the top 20 finalists in both the Wales Open and UK Championship in the second half of August.

Guinness has a new record transcript after eight years

Professional Golfer Alexander Hughes on August 27 hit 55 strokes, reaching a record 18 holes in the Guinness Book of Records for the past eight years.

At South Lakes Country Club par71, 6,413 yards long in Oklahoma State, Hughes saved 16 strokes from the standard (score -16). Before Hughes, the world’s best golf record saw a score of 55 in 2012, when Australian golfer Rhein Gibson entered the Guinness Book with 55 strokes at the River Oaks Golf Club, also in Oklahoma.

The progress to set the new record

He started from hole 1. After par. Hughes then closed the first half of the round with a 7.6-meter putt to a 9 par5, 539-yard eagle.

In the second half, he birdies holes 10 and 12, escaped in holes 11, par4. At this hole, he almost played OB (off the line of the field line).

On the second shot, the ball is close to the fence and Hughes is right-handed. Therefore, he had to turn the tip of his ninth iron upside down to swing his left hand. On the green, this golfer putts six meters to hold par.

After clearing holes 13 and 14, Hughes swept the ball 10.6 meters to get his second eagle in hole 15. He then closed the round of 55 with a birdie string in the remaining three holes. In hole 18, he almost got 54 strokes but the chip of his eagle sword slipped narrowly.

This year, Hughes won three prizes in the small All-Pro Golf Tour system but never cut out. Therefore, the transcripts on August 27 to Guinness will be mental doping for him.

The 55-stroke holder against Hughes, Rhein Gibson attended the 2015-2016 PGA Tour but later failed to keep his membership card. He is looking to gain promotion through the Second Class Korn Ferry Tour.

Only 3 golfers scored negative in the first round of the BMW Championship

The par70 ground made 66 PGA Tour golfers unable to reach the negative score in the opening round of the BMW Championship event this year on August 27.

Out of the 69 golfers on the pitch, only three beat Olympia Fields’s standard strokes. Hideki Matsuyama kept the top spot at -3, followed by Tyler Duncan -2 and Mackenzie Hughes -1. This is the opening round of the PGA Tour with the least negative transcripts since the major US Open 2018 in Shinnecock Hills recorded four “under par” golfers.

High temperatures and continuous winds make the atmosphere at Olympia Fields, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, become dry and hard. Under such conditions, all struggle to hit the narrow fairway. They have to avoid the rough at the start of the hole because there is a lot of green grass but almost half an arm’s height, and once the ball gets in, it is very difficult for golfers to get to the standard green.

At the end of the hole, they have to be sharp in the handling phases around the green because if you use wedges by mistake, the ball will easily roll into the rough. After all, it cannot stick to the inert green surface due to the sun and wind.

On August 23, Dustin Johnson won the playoff of the Northern Trust at -30 at TPC Boston, par71. This golfer hit 67-60-64-64 through four rounds in turn. But at Olympia Fields yesterday, Johnson had to hit 71 strokes across 18 holes.

Rory McIlroy was among 10 guys with 70 strokes and entered the T4 group at even par. However, he did not break the pitch standard, he still thought this round was successful. The average shot is 321 yards, but Woods is close to 43% accurate, up to the standard green of 66%, and using a total of 32 putt to close the hole.

Justin Thomas was entangled with four bogeys in the last six holes. Woods and Thomas join the T35 group alongside other big names like Patrick Reed, Paul Casey, Bryson DeChambeau Daniel Berger is fourth in the FedEx Cup.

The BMW Championship only went to the top 70 on the FedEx Cup transcript and finished second in a series of three playoff events to sort the results of the race to a $ 15 million prize for the champion. Solving does not perform cutting after 36 holes. Olympia Fields is likely to be “less difficult” after the second round once night rains fall as forecast on August 28.

The race to win the PGA Championship 2020

There were 16 golfers behind Dustin Johnson’s lead in just about four strokes, after 54 holes of the major event at TPC Harding Park.

After the penultimate round on 8/8, Johnson jumped 10 steps to monopolize the top of the board at -9. This round, he hit 65 strokes (par70) scored eight birdies, kept eight par, bogey in hole 6, and double bogey hole 9.

Self-control was a problem for Johnson in the final rounds of the major

This is the fourth time the American golfer alone or copper has taken the lead after 54 holes in major. But three times ago, at the US Open 2010, 2015, and 2018, he failed to break the standard stroke of the pitch in the last round or win the final.

The defending champion Koepka of the T4 group with a score of -7 with Collin Morikawa and Paul Casey. With two strokes behind Johnson, Koepka is still on his way to winning the PGA Championship three times in a row following the streak format adopted in 1958. In history, Walter Hagen is the only one to have a four-win streak since 1924. until 1927, but at that time, the event was also fighting against a match.


In the history of the traditional major quartet since 1860, only six golfers have won for three consecutive years at an event in this group. The closest person to achieve that feat was Peter Thomson, at The Open Championship from 1954 to 1956.

Contrary to Johnson, the past favors Koepka. He leads or is one stroke behind before reaching the final round in all four previous major wins, including twice at the US Open. As for the PGA Tour, the Phoenix Open 2015 title was the only victory when he was three strokes behind and 18 holes left.

From the top of the group to T13 a total of 17 people in the four-stroke range, including Johnson, achieved the largest number of such a gap after the PGA Championship’s 54 holes since 1993 – the year that holds the statistic peak in this regard with 18. people.

Scottie Scheffler and Cameron Champ stood T2 with -8. Having been professional since 2018, Scheffler has just attended three major in 30 events and has not won a title at the PGA Tour.

As can be seen, the upcoming race to win the PGA Championship 2020 is having many interesting things to expect.